Friday, March 18, 2011

The beginning of Bum Luxury

After eight months of cloth diapering my baby and sharing all about cloth diapers online and to friends at parties, gatherings and mom’s groups, I finally decided to get paid for these advertisements.

When I first got pregnant I had many questions, and like many people who have questions, I turned to Google. Through my wanderings and wonderings (yes, I know it’s not a real word) I came across Babycenter, a website that became a close friend of mine and stuck with me even after I ventured into the world of motherhood.

Who knew there were so many debates on parenting? I always thought you tried your best and that was that. Boy, was I wrong! Breastfeeding vs. formula, co-sleeping, cry it out, vaccinations, circumcision, inducing labor, epidural vs. natural childbirth, and on and on. I have my own opinions on these topics of course, but the debate that I was undecided about for most of my pregnancy was the disposable vs. cloth diaper argument.
Cloth diapers? Who used those? Nobody I knew had used cloth in the last, well, since I was a baby. Why would people use cloth now? What had changed since I was a child to fuel such a debate?

Now, I must tell you, I consider myself quite the environmentalist. Reducing my carbon footprint is a huge factor in how I live my life so finding the answers to the questions was a huge priority during my pregnancy. How could I, the Green Team teacher, be a hypocrite and use disposable diapers if there were cloth options available?

My research began on the Babycenter Cloth Diaper Board. And then I was lost. Completely lost. What in the world was a BG, FB, BSRB, HH, OS, AIO, AI2, fitted, flat, etc? It still seems a bit foreign to me. So I started at the beginning and asked a ton of questions. When I finally started to understand what all the acronyms meant, another woman I worked with started talking about using cloth with her baby! I was so amazed. Someone in real life knew about cloth diapers!

She introduced me to a local store and my husband and I took a cloth diaper class. It was so important that my husband went because he looked at me with the same look everyone else gave me when I mentioned that I was thinking about using cloth on my baby. He thought I was crazy. That all my years of making him recycle had really turned me into some crazy environmentalist lunatic. Well, he sure has changed his tune now!

Not only was he impressed that we would save hundreds if not thousands of dollars using cloth, he was glad he wouldn’t have to ever go to the store and buy diapers again. After learning about all the types of diapers, he was the one in the store trying the diapers on their teddy bear. He loved how soft the Fuzzibunz diapers were and we were both amazed at the adjustable elastic in the legs and waist. We were sold. I had finally committed to using cloth with my child.

I could not be happier with my choice. My husband is an advocate now too. I love that he defends our choice to his coworkers and comes home to tell me about it. The lack of blowouts and last minute rushes to the store are his favorite points to make. I think with a little more encouragement, we will have some friends in cloth soon!

Bum Luxury was created to share the love of cloth diapers and show people that they can be just as convenient, if not more, as today’s disposable diapers. We hope to educate others about the choices available today and convert more homes to cloth.

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  1. Dropping by from Mama Blog. Looks like you're off to a good start!