Sunday, March 20, 2011

Going Bananas!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to change a stinky diaper and I found the grossest poo since my daughter first began solids. It was almost a blowout which made me so glad I use cloth! 
After cleaning up the bombed area, I had to go use the diaper sprayer for the very first time. I had been so lucky for the last three months of solid food and now I had to face the inevitable. Disgusting, but necessary. Before cleaning the diaper though, I decided to take a picture and send it to my husband, Lee, at work-just so he knew what I was dealing with at home. 

Lee and I debated what could have caused this. We decided it must have been the black beans I gave her when we went to Chipotle for dinner the night before. Sure enough, she had another explosion, and after a quick inspection, those little black beans were there. 

For a couple of days, these types of diapers appeared and had to be dealt with. I got worried it could be some sort of illness, so we called the doctor and took her in.

What an interesting experience to say the least! Trying to explain baby poo to the doctor was not an easy task! 

Dr: Was it more like water or peanut butter? 

Me: In between.

Dr: Was it like apple sauce? 

Me: Kind of, but not that runny. 

Dr: What do her normal poops look like?

Lee: Twinkies

Dr: Are they soft or are they hard?

I answer soft and Lee answers hard.

Dr: If you squished them with your finger, would they crumble or are they more like peanut butter?

Me: They would squish if I were to stick my finger in there.

Dr: So her poops are normally...
Lee: Like a Snickers

Me: Could we please stop using food I like to eat to describe her poops?

Dr: If the poops aren't watery, it's not diarrhea.
Lee: Show her the picture.

I bust out my phone and find the picture of the very first explosion our baby had. The doctor is very excited we took a picture and upon inspecting it she tells us this is in the normal range for bowel movements. This is not diarrhea. If we want her to stop having these types of bowel movements, we needed to go back to the diet she had previously eaten. 

So I thought: What has changed in her diet?? I came to the conclusion that, among other things, she hadn't had as many bananas as usual lately, so I decided to buy some.

As soon as she had a banana, her diaper changes were normal again! I didn't need to use the sprayer, I could just plop that thing in the toilet and flush it away. This was good. I was beginning to worry about what to do because Jaelyn was starting to take an interest in the toilet, and I cannot be having that!

The bad thing is, I'm out of bananas again. Time to go grocery shopping!  


  1. Cute story! I blurted out something about broccoli poop in a meeting upon returning to work after my older daughter. Turns out not everyone wants to hear about poop at a (lunch) meeting.

  2. Thanks Shan! It's amazing how often conversations turn to bodily functions when you have children! I'm sure many people do not care to hear about poop, but it lightens the mood when there are so many worse things happening around the world. Thanks for reading!

  3. Very funny! Happy Wednesday! I am stopping by to say hello and make new friends from Bloggy Moms.


  4. Thanks Marsha! I'm going to check out your blog now:)