Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Tales: Vinegar

If you have ever had trouble with your cloth diapers, you know that there are hundreds of opinions on the best way to fix your issues. Blogs, baby forums and Facebook are just a few places you can ask and be told what is wrong and what to do about it. 

I love Google, but just like your mother told you, don't believe everything you read. Many people think they are experts on wash routines, stripping, ammonia, yeast, etc. Be wary of someone who has tried everything-that means they have had problems! 

If you are having stink issues, the first thing you need to do is figure out why. It does take awhile to find the right wash routine for each person because detergents, water variables, washers and size of each diaper load all need to be taken into account. Once you find a wash routine that works for you, any issues you may have had should disappear. 

I came across this article: Is vinegar safe for cloth diapers? and wanted to share the main headlines of the article. 

Vinegar neutralizes ammonia!

Vinegar helps reduce detergent buildup and breakdown residue!

Vinegar works as an alternative to fabric softeners!

Vinegar helps prevent stains!

After reading this, the author says, "So yes, vinegar is safe for cloth diapers." Hmmm...just because something is able to do these things, doesn't mean it's safe. 

Many manufacturers do not recommend using vinegar and it can actually void your warranty. Some companies claim that vinegar breaks down PUL and ruins elastic. 
Flip by Econobum washing instructions
The best thing to do would be to determine why you feel that you need to use vinegar. Do you have build up? Are you using too much detergent? Are you using enough? Do you have hard water? Are you rinsing enough after your wash? Do you do a pre-rinse? Is your detergent safe for cloth diapers?

Vinegar is definitely an amazing resource to use in your home, but for the easiest wash routine, simplify and find the right detergent/diaper/water ratio for you and your diapers!

 Do you use vinegar in your diaper laundry?

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