Saturday, May 21, 2011

Splish, Splash Swim!

In Phoenix, it's been warm enough to swim and play in water for a couple of months now. Since I use cloth diapers, I really didn't want to buy disposable swim diapers, and because there are almost as many options for swim diapers as for cloth diapers, I thought I should share my experience.

First, swim diapers are only for holding in solids. They are not waterproof and you can get peed on.

Just like cloth diapers, swim diapers can save you a ton of money. We bought one at Walmart about a month ago for $5. As we continued shopping, we passed a pack of Huggies Little Swimmers that cost close to $10. Hmmmm...something is not right there.

The Op brand diapers from Walmart come in both girl and boy colors, however they only come in two sizes and large only goes up to 25lbs. Many children are not potty trained by that weight, so they have to look for other options. Walmart has other options online that are a little more expensive, but most are under $10.

I had a gift card to Zoolikins, so I thought I'd try another brand diaper to try. After all, it's nice to have more than one. I've heard great things about the Bummis brand, so I snatched one up. It was $12.95-still an awesome price because you can use it all summer. The Swimmi comes in multiple sizes-I chose medium for my daughter who is about 19 1/2 lbs, but they range from small to xlarge, 9-30lbs.

I worry about the velcro because Baby J loves to pull it open. She hasn't worn this yet, it actually just arrived in the mail yesterday, so we will see how it works. 

What I really want is a snap Monkey Doodlez Swim Diaper. The snaps are a new addition this year and I think if Baby J does have any solids floating around in there, it would be easier to snap it off than slide it down which is what I have to do with the Op diaper from Walmart.

This is Petunia Penguin, but there are many other cute bottomed diapers to choose from. This is my personal favorite. The Monkey Doodlez snap swim diapers are $21.95. They have pull up swim diapers for $20. 

Lastly, many people use their regular pocket diapers as a swim diaper. Instead of putting an insert in, you just put the empty diaper on the baby so that it holds in the solids, but doesn't soak up the liquids. If you decide to go this route, make sure that you dedicate the diaper to use as a swim diaper if you are swimming in a chlorinated pool. Chlorine can ruin the PUL and affect the absorbency of the diaper for regular use.

Many companies that offer swimming lessons require you to put your child in a reusable swim diaper instead of the disposable ones. Swim diapers are easy to wash and don't require you to use a machine. 

Have fun and be safe near water!

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