Monday, May 9, 2011

A Week Without Me

Did you survive? I know it must have been hard without me all week, but I made it through and I'm sure you did, too.

I have had so many topics in my head to blog about this past week, but never had the time to sit down and write them out. I really have not been doing anything special, so my reasons for not writing are really just excuses.

1. Lake trip on Tuesday w/ friends

Saguaro Lake May 3, 2011-me and Baby J

2. Teething child all week-she was driving me crazy because she's been so cranky and nothing I have been doing pleases or soothes her:( My husband has been off this week, so that has helped me tremendously.

3. Planning for my first event as a vendor-just thinking about it causes me anxiety. I'm not stressed about the actual event, I'm nervous about how Baby J will be without her usual nap. I'm hoping that she will be a little social butterfly like she is when we are out and about. Wish me luck! We will be at The Mighty Cup Market in Glendale this Saturday, May 14, from 10-2.

Here are the ideas that have been popping in and out of my head all week. Look for these blogs sometime in the next few days. If I write it down and tell you it's coming, I really have to type it out.

First, I need to write my review of my Envibum diaper. I received one from the company to use and review and I wanted to make sure to have Baby J wear it multiple times so that I could give the most honest opinion about it. Oh, and of course I needed to have multiple picture opportunities.
Another topic I will be covering is yeast. There are so many questions about how to get yeast out of your diapers and since I personally battled that beast early on in our cloth diapering days, I feel that I have some great advice to share with others.

Due to Mother's Day, the host of Meet Me on Monday is taking a break and she will be back with another one next week. If you have any questions you'd like me to answer though, just leave them in a comment and any questions I get before the end of today I'll make sure to answer. 

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Ooh I want to read about your experiences with yeast. My last baby had it bad.