Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Walking the Line (with the HOA)

I've always wanted a pool. I was born a fish-I am a Pisces after all-and I love to swim. As soon as March comes around, I want to be able to get in a big puddle of water and just float around. I know March seems a little early to some, but I do live in Phoenix and even if it's cold, I just can't help myself. The water calls my name. Kinda like chocolate does... 

My absolute most favorite thing about our new house is the pool. Finally! I have my own personal place to swim around. Now that's luxury! However, like most things in life, it does have a downside. When you don't have a clothesline and it's monsoon season in the desert, diapers, wipes and liners just seem to find their way into my swimming area.
A Blueberry pail liner I found floating in the pool a few mornings ago.
This poses two threats: 1. An item could clog the pool filter and really mess things up for me and 2. The chlorine in the pool has the potential to ruin the PUL in my pocket diapers. Conclusion: I need a clothesline. Again, there is an obstacle I have to overcome: our HOA. It clearly states that clotheslines are not allowed. However, even though I'm a goody goody for the most part, I feel that this rule can be bent a bit and it needs to be! So, I bought a retractable clothesline. 
This is how I have always had to dry my diapers.
And the table works great, too.

My husband installed it the other day, and I was really ready to use it-I already had clean diapers that needed to be dried, unfortunately, I didn't have any clothespins, so out on the lawn furniture they went. 

When it's not in use, I can fold it against the wall. The HOA can't hate on this, right?

When I'm ready to use it, I just turn the line holder out.
Then I pull out the line and attach it to the hook on the other end of the patio.

I was able to get to the store that day and get my clothespins. I had also bought groceries and happened to bring home some delicious gyros for dinner. On the way home, Lee, my husband observed the clouds over the mountains and I wished for a storm to come-a good TX style storm with thunder, lightning and some heavy rain. He laughed at me and said that will never happen. I shrugged, knowing he was probably right. 

When we are home and sitting down to eat, I notice the wind has really started to pick up. From my seat at the table, I looked towards the front of the house and it looked liked another haboob was coming our way. Lee and I decided to go take a look out back. Holy smokes-the wind was crazy and all of a sudden the hail starts coming down. Wow! I got my wish. Then I notice my poor diapers getting blown around and hailed on. I say, "Oh no! My diapers!" and Lee says, "Screw your diapers! The Jeep!" as he runs out to the garage.

Oh. Our new car that hasn't been parked in the garage yet because it's been overtaken by Lee's toys is getting hailed on. Crap. 

Well, ten minutes later, the Jeep is in the garage and the storm is over. We finish eating our dinner and then go out back to assess the damage. My diapers are everywhere. There's a lawn chair in the pool and the floaties are missing. We find one on the side of the house and another is in the neighbors backyard. I still haven't headed over there to ask for it. You'd think they might just toss it back over...

As I collect my diapers to be washed again, I am just excited that I will finally get to hang them on my own line and look at the cute cloth drying in the sun!
The next morning.

The grill moved about 10 feet closer to the lawn furniture during the storm.


  1. Everytime I try to dry outside a windstorm comes. So I just dry inside on a rack *LOL*

  2. Yes, these windstorms are really common this season. Usually they are in the afternoon, and I put my diapers out in the morning so I just have to remember to bring them in before they blow away! :)