Friday, September 16, 2011

Many uses for Microfiber

So you've decided to upgrade your diaper inserts to hemp or bamboo and you aren't sure what to do with all of the extra microfiber you have lying around your house. You could sell it at a discounted rate to other cloth diaperers looking for a deal or you could keep it and use it in a new way. 

I personally have a ton of microfiber inserts. I remember when I first started cloth diapering, my husband, Lee would try to take my inserts to use on his toys in the garage. He would feel them and say how nice they were and when Baby J is potty trained, he would be taking them all for personal use. I, of course, just roll my eyes. 

First, you can buy microfiber for that kind of stuff fairly inexpensively at Costco. Yes, they aren't nearly as plush and nice, but they work for the job. Second, he's not going to mess up and dirty my nice, white microfiber inserts. That's for Baby J to do!

In the last few months, Baby J has decided she likes to be naked and go streaking through the house. More times than not, she decided to freely urinate somewhere along the way. We have a ton of tile, so I've been fortunate for easy clean-ups. The best way to clean this is her extra inserts. That microfiber soaks it right up. Unlike the ShamWow.

Side note: it doesn't work. I saw this awesome demonstration once and the guy spilled an entire soda and up it went into that cool cloth. When I got home, I wanted to show Lee how cool it was (because, yes, I bought it) and proceeded to spill an entire drink on the counter. Needless to say, it didn't go as planned and the only thing I use those Sham Wow things for now is to dry Chloe, our pup, after a bath.

Now, to be honest, there has been a few occasions where Baby J has peed on the carpet. Microfiber nicely pulls it all out and no one would ever know a kid once went to the bathroom there. It's dry right after! 

Recently, I decided it was time to really clean the floors. Our tile really shows every little spot of dirt, so I knew it was needed. I have the Hoover Floor Cleaner and loved it on my old tile, but here at the new house, the tile stays wet longer and with a toddler running around, it's a bad combination. 

I decided to use microfiber inserts and skate around on them to dry the floor. Not only did they dry it quickly and show me how dirty it still was, but I got a great thigh workout! It's my go to way to clean spills now. You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not. It's too hot to get real exercise right now!

Cleaning with microfiber is great because you don't need to use chemicals-the microfiber attracts all the dust and grit. Have you seen the commercial for the new Libman Freedom Mop? It uses reusable microfiber and allows you to add your own cleaning concoction. Sounds like people are catching on.

Microfiber is also used to make clothing, bedding, glass cleaner towels and more. You might be amazed to find how much microfiber you have around your home!

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