Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yuck! I can't believe I did that.

Last night we got home from our mini San Diego vaca at around 11pm. Not too late, but it was an exhausting, constantly on the go kind of trip. I changed Baby J, got her some water, went to the restroom and put her to bed. She went down well and Lee and I did, too. 

This morning, Baby J wakes up in a happy mood, which was a bit of a surprise since her schedule has been so off lately. We go about our normal routine: change, snuggle and read some mail, play with toys-(or really items that she shouldn't play with-my cell phone, the on/off button on the TV-but she does because it's early and I'm tired,) eat some breakfast, you know-the whole bit. We are both happy to be at home.

Baby J comes to me after playing with Dad for a few and I change her diaper. It smells like ammonia and I'm thinking to myself, "Why does this diaper smell? Crap, if I have to figure out a new washing routine..." Then I fix her up and put her to sleep for a morning nap. I was amazed she went down well. Again, she's been off and I just haven't been able to figure out her new nap schedule. Yay! I can't get some things done on the computer!

Then I went to put her diaper in the pail. Hmmm...that's odd, it has a doubler in it. I don't remember putting a doubler in it this morning...OH NO!! Gross!! That diaper was dirty when I put it on her. It was the diaper I took off of her last night. Oh yuck yuck yuck! My poor Baby J. :( Not getting the mom of the year award any time soon.

That's my epic fail for the day. What's yours?

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