Friday, October 7, 2011

1st Friday Fluff: Fuzzibunz One Size

Fall is in the air and I've decided to make a change. Starting today, I will be doing a 1st Friday Fluff post on the first Friday of each month. 1st Friday Fluff will be a review/giveaway from Bum Luxury. Instead of giving away free diapers to other bloggers, I thought I might as well do it myself! We shall see if it works for me... :)

I've decided to start with the very first cloth diaper we chose to use on Baby J: Fuzzibunz One Size 

My husband and I first came to the decision to try a Fuzzibunz one size diaper when we went to the diaper class at Zoolikins (formerly Wildflower Diapers) in Scottsdale, AZ. We drove a good hour to get there and it was totally worth it. I had never heard of Fuzzibunz and went in thinking I wanted to try a bunch of other brands. 

The first feature that grabbed my attention was the adjustable elastic. I had been researching diapers my entire pregnancy and had only heard of the snap down rise for OS diapers, so the idea of adjustable elastic fascinated me. Not only did it seem more of a customized fit, the look of the diaper was neater and cleaner without a front full of snaps which only confused my husband.

Lee, my husband, loved the soft feel of the fleece. He couldn't believe how soft it was, especially as he and I stood there touching a table full of cloth diapers. The Fuzzibunz microfleece lining just felt softer than all the other pocket diapers.

The price was average for a one size pocket diaper, so I was okay with that. I was hesitant to pay $19.95 for one diaper, but the comparable brands were within a dollar or two more, and they didn't have the adjustable elastic. Also, the Fuzzibunz One Size came with two inserts, when most of the other one size pockets only came with one. 

We went home and I did more research to be sure that this was the diaper for us. I decided to buy ten and go from there. 

As Baby J grew in my belly, she always measured large. I was hesitant to invest in newborn diapers because of this. I had heard that one size diapers wouldn't fit a newborn, but didn't want to waste money if I wouldn't need a newborn stash. I came to the conclusion that if none of the one size diapers I bought Baby J fit, I would do a rental for the first few months. 

Baby J came out at 9lbs. 7oz. and the Fuzzibunz One Size fit her just fine. I had adjusted the elastic according to the packaging for newborns. The legs weren't on the tightest settings, but the waist was. Since I only had ten of the Fuzzibunz, we bought ten more right away, since none of the other diapers I bought fit her. They were huge and gapped at the legs. 

1 week old

Almost 2 months

Four months old
11 months
12 months-not the best picture of the diaper, but how cute is she??

During Baby Js first month, I found an amazing deal for used FB OS diapers on Craigslist that I just couldn't pass up. I bought twenty six more Fuzzibunz. When Baby J was about 3 or 4 months, I did wonder if they were really going to be a one size diaper. She was pretty chunky and they were seeming smaller and smaller. As soon as she started moving though, I had to tighten the elastic back up. I have only had to adjust it about four times overall in fifteen months. Not bad. 

Edited to add: I use Fuzzibunz One Size as our main overnight diaper as well. I started with just the microfiber inserts, then doubled it up. When that didn't work, I stuffed it some more, but that created an awkward fit. I finally invested in some hemp inserts and they work great. Now at fifteen months, we use one M/L Fuzzibunz hemp insert and one of the larger OS MF inserts that came w/ the diaper for overnight. I occasionally add a doubler if I feel the need.

After many months, I did notice some PUL issues with some of the used Fuzzibunz I bought off Craigslist. I did contact Fuzzibunz and they replaced my diapers even though I had no receipt and told them I bought them used. I couldn't believe it! I was so elated and glad that Fuzzibunz is a company to stand behind their product. To cover the shipping I paid to send back these diapers, Fuzzibunz gave me some freebies with my new diapers: Leggies, wipes, and doublers. 

I used Fuzzibunz exclusively for the first eight months. They worked, and I saw no reason to switch it up. I then joined some online cloth diaper swap boards just to see what was out there. I couldn't understand how people bought and sold cloth diapers all the time. Well, I soon became addicted and now that Baby J is fifteen months old, I'm still buying diapers just to try them out. My husband refuses to use any of the new diapers and will only use the Fuzzibunz. He likes the fit the best and it's easy for him to snap them on and take them off. 

The Fuzzibunz one size is my favorite diaper I've tried so far, and I've tried a lot. I think the price is competitive, the customer service is amazing, and the quality is top notch for a product made to be peed and pooped in and washed every other day. 

The only thing I wish Fuzzibunz had was a choice of prints. I love the solids to color coordinate with outfits, but I love print diapers, too. Now that Baby J can take off her snap diapers as well as aplix ones, she has to wear pants all the time, so I guess the diaper color/print doesn't matter. Except I find it important to match undergarments to outfits, so I do need a variety of colors!

I'm anxiously awaiting the new Fuzzibunz Elite One Size diaper. I find it hard to believe this diaper can get better, but we shall see!


To enter the giveaway to receive a free Fuzzibunz one size diaper, fill out the Rafflecopter form below. 


  1. I am very new to cloth diapering - my daughter isnt here yet but we have looked into the Fuzzibunz diapers and it is really nice to see a good review on them with pictures to boot! My favorite color in the FB diapers is probably a tie between Grape and Cotton Candy. :)Thank you for your review. I am going to show my husband to possibly get him to crack and let me try some FB. :)

  2. My favorite Fuzzibunz color is Choco Truffle!

    colljerr at comcast dot net

  3. Chelsey-I am glad this could help you. I need to add a few things I forgot in my last minute posting! I will bold it and highlight it for you. :) Thanks for reading ladies! My favorite is Light it Up Blue or Crushed Berries.

  4. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I love all the colors, but the kumquat is different that a lot of colors out there for diapers, so I think that is my fav.

  5. I love the new spearmint color! Or Mac and Cheese!

  6. <3 Crushed Berries and Kumquat! :)

    Jessica Allen

  7. I think I would like kumquat!
    sabrina radke
    sradke1024 at gmial dot com

  8. I love choco truffle!

  9. I love the rainbow of colors Fuzzibunz has to offer. I wish the black was more readily available.
    Danielle Piere

  10. Kumquat seems to be very popular!

  11. I like the watermelon - and many others :) I'm on a roll with three boys so we are somewhat limited in our color selection :)
    Linda O'Brien

  12. My favorite color is apple green!

  13. My favorite color is the apple green

  14. I love apple green! It matches my sons room too :)

  15. I like apple green and tootie fruitie.

  16. Congratulations to Danielle P! Please email me your selection! :)

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