Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cloth Choices: Cloth Diapering Systems

These are the traditional diapers that many people are familiar with. These are the most economical choice and require some type of fastener like a Snappi, Boingo or diaper pins and a diaper cover. With prefolds and flats, you can reuse the cover multiple times if it is still clean. Many people use two covers a day for pee diapers and just let the cover air dry after each change.

Diaper covers are made with a variety of materials. PUL diaper covers are made of the same type of material used as the waterproof layer in Pockets, AIOs and Hybrid Diapers. Covers can be used with prefolds, flats, fitteds and a variety of inserts.  

These are similar to AIOs, but do not have a waterproof layer so they usually need some 
type of diaper cover. Fitteds are a popular choice for people looking for organic materials and more absorbent options for their children. With a fitted diaper, you can reuse the cover if it is still clean.

These diapers are made of an inner layer and a waterproof outer layer. There is an opening in the front or back of the diaper to stuff an absorbent insert. Pocket diapers are extremely customizable when it comes to absorbancy and fit. Many people choose one size options, but most brands have sized available for those who want a trimmer fit or need a larger size for older children. Each time a pocket diaper is used, you change the entire diaper and wash it, insert and all. You should not re-stuff a pocket with a dry insert.

Everything is built together in an AIO diaper. The inner, outer and absorbent layers are all sewn together so there are no pockets to stuff or extra covers needed. All in Ones are the most similar to a disposable diaper. With an AIO, you take off and wash the entire diaper each time your baby uses it.

Very similar to AIOs, except the absorbent insert snaps or lays in the outer shell of the diaper. These are a great economical choice because the outer shell can be reused throughout the day by just changing the insert. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for parents looking for an economical, yet convenient way to cloth diaper. 

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