Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ammonia Attacks!

My baby had a stuffy nose one night a couple of weeks ago and I bought a humidifier for her room to help her breathe. Seems like a simple addition, but when that thing is on, her diapers smell so strong of ammonia in the morning. Disgusting!! It makes me glad to live in Arizona, where I don't have to worry about humidity. I can only imagine what I would have to deal with if I was back in Dallas!

Then one day, this mysterious and horribly red rash appeared on baby J's bum. It arrived out of nowhere, and my usual treatment for any redness, coconut oil, wasn't cutting it. It was time for me to buy some actual diaper rash cream. I wanted something cloth diaper safe and easy to get, so after reading many posts on Babycenter and on a cloth diaper chat group on Facebook, I decided to get California Baby Diaper Rash Cream which is easy to find at Target
 As a self declared cheapskate, I was not happy with the price, ($10.49 for 4oz.) but I can't stand a red, rashy bum on my little baby, so I bought it and I bought some California Baby Diaper Area Spray as well. 

Baby J's nine month well check just happened to be the same day, so after my run to Target, we headed to the doctor. The doctor said it looked like ammonia burn-something I had never even heard of. Yes, my diapers smelled a bit more than usual before washing, but I didn't know I would have to worry about them affecting her bum! Oh my! 

The doctor suggested stripping them, as she used cloth with her young babies, and then she checked out my new rash cream I just bought. She was glad to see it was absent of all the extra crap so many diaper creams have and she watched as I put the first application on.

24 hours later, Baby J's rash was all gone! Amazing! I have also stripped my diapers and we are rash free over a week later. I hate having to go through this process of determining what has caused a rash, but I'm so excited when I figure out the problem and find a solution!

Of course, I will have to use that humidifier in the future, but I will now be better prepared to either wash my diapers more often or strip them all of the yucky ammonia!

Cheers to rash free bums!


  1. Oh no! Rashes must suck! I use plain old zinc oxide and use diapers that are free of any chemicals (green diapers) and alternate from that and gDiapers. She's never really had a rash. They put chemicals that burn our little ones in regular diapers! Though they smell good! I used the regular kind with my first DD 7 years ago and didn't know about the chemicals in diapers, she would get the occasional rash. But, now I know!

    Anyway, good luck to rash free bums~

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  2. I am so excited to have found your blog through the blog hop. This looks great!!! I hope you can follow me back!

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  4. Nancy-yes, the chemicals in sposies and commercial wipes really bother my daughter's sensitive skin-found that out in the beginning when I thought traveling w/ disposable diapers would be easier.

    Tara-Thanks! I love your site! It will be one I frequent:)

    Melanie-checking it out now!

    Thanks for reading ladies!

  5. I've been dealing with ammonia in my night time diapers and my son often wakes up with a red bum. I've stripped and stripped but it's not helping! :(

    I've been using Earth Mama Angel Baby and that really helps with the rash.

    I'm your newest follower from the April Cloth Diaper Blog Hop!

  6. Jenny-My ammonia is completely gone:) Maybe you should try another detergent. I use Country Save and BioKleen. Have you tried either of those?

    Thanks for reading! I am always happy to have new followers!

  7. I've been using Charlies Soap and have tried several others but they all give my LO a rash :(

    I order some Rockin Green so we will see if that helps. I think I may try funk rock. Have you used that?

  8. I haven't tried Funk Rock. I know that everyone has different fave detergents. There are a lot of mixed reviews on Rockin Green. Have you looked at some of the detergent recommendations? has a great list to help you out!

    Good luck, Jenny! I hope you can figure it out:)