Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait!

Starting out my new business adventure has been a time consuming task. From designing a website, which I know nothing about so I find it very discouraging, to learning all about the world of blogging and Twitter, I feel that I am on the computer all the time. My husband probably only recognizes me from my eyes and above lately because the rest of my face is behind this laptop screen. When Baby J is awake, she thinks the laptop is a toy, so I don't get any work done during those hours.  

The most frustrating part for me, however, is waiting for my tax ID number from the state of Arizona. As I sit on hold on my phone as I type, I do realize that we are approaching April 15th and that may be the reason for the delay.

Everyday I feel like a little kid waiting for the mail to arrive and get so disappointed when that envelope from the AZ Dept. of Revenue is still not there. I have checked the mail more in the last three weeks than I probably have the entire time I've lived in my house-over three years. 

My eagerness to receive this number is so that I can start applying to different wholesale companies to become a retailer of their diapers. Most companies want the tax ID number before doing business-I assume to be sure that you are actually a reputable business owner and not just trying to get a great deal on some diapers! 

Wish me luck in receiving this oh so important number! My business is small, but ready to grow! 

So I will listen to what my husband always says about the government: Hurry up and wait!

**As I finished typing, the phone stopped playing music and rang. Then hung up. Grrrr!! I will have to try again.


  1. Wholesale and retail permits are a pain in Arizona so far as I can tell. Whenever I purchase wholesale from there it requires more paperwork and waiting every single time.
    In my state it is instantaneous. They email the numbers to you five seconds after you apply!

  2. Yes, I am still waiting:( I wish I had it already-there are so many things I want to order, but maybe it's a good thing I'm starting small. Everything happens for a reason, right?

    Thanks for reading!