Friday, April 1, 2011

Have I been fooled??

I am always trying to think of interesting topics to write about on here, and the only time it seems I have plenty to say is when I'm lying in bed trying to sleep. What's up with that??

When my daughter woke me up before 5am this morning, I knew I would need a nap when she went down for hers. Maybe it was a dream, but I sure do remember thinking of some great ideas for this blog. Unfortunately, they are all gone from my mind right now when it just happens to be a perfect time for me to share my thoughts with you. I have a quiet house and a sleeping baby, but my brain must be on vacation. 

Wait, there's the baby. I'm sure as soon as she's up and in full force again, the brilliant ideas will begin to flow once more. Until then, Happy April Fool's Day. Looks like someone got me!


  1. This, in itself was a cute idea for a post :) I do the same thing. I usually try to write a note on paper or in my phone when I have an idea or remember something I have to do otherwise I stress and can't sleep :( I'm looking forward to your next post!

  2. Thanks Mama! I should try to do that too! It seems that the thoughts come when I'm trying to sleep, and I get so little of that anyway, I try to push everything out of my head. I definitely succeeded today!

  3. I always experience the same thing. An idea comes and then goes "pooff" just like that.:)

    your blog is awesome btw! A new follower here, via the blog hop. Here's my blog site, drop by anytime!:)

  4. Hi Bridget,
    I'm sure there are many moms who can attest to the workings of our short term memory when it comes to our blogs. As women, we're known to be able to multi-task, but super woman is only a fictional character. Your blog is great though. I'm sure your next blogs will be great too.
    Also, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to sign up for my site. We are going to have a lot of great new things that will come up in the next month. I will be sending out a newsletter to everyone.
    Please feel free to submit an article to feature on m front page at anytime. This is free for now so I really encourage moms to take advantage of it.
    Thanks again,
    Lexie Lane

  5. lol, i get ideas in my sleep as well. guess we need a notebook on our nightstands!

    BTW, found you on the blog hop! i'm your newest follower ;)) shari

  6. Thanks ladies! Always good to know I'm not alone and the 'mommy brain' happens to others as well!

    I look forward to it Lexie!!

    Glad to be new on the blog hop-I will be checking the links ASAP:) So happy to have new followers!

  7. So glad to have found another cloth diapering mom on the blog hop :) Thanks for stopping following you too!


  8. Thanks Christy! I found you on Facebook, too! That's how I got connected to your blog:)

  9. Hi following you from
    Friday Blog Hop! Hope
    you visit me and return
    the follow!:0)

  10. Thanks Tanya! I will check it out:)