Thursday, June 9, 2011

Diaper Addiction

I never thought it would happen to me, but I have been sucked in by the cuteness of the fluffy bum.
I have an addictive personality-if I see a show once, even if it is one of the worst shows ever (think trash TV, like a VH1 reality show) I have to see what happens. Now, you might wonder why it was on in the first place...those commercials really pull me in! If I play a video game I can become super addicted. Then there's always chocolate and peanut butter, the best addiction of all! Now, I have to add diapers to the list.
When I first researched cloth, I saw so many woman showing their giant stashes of diapers and was wondering why anyone would need so many. That's not going to save them any money! For 9 months I did great with my diapers. I didn't feel like I ever needed more, well, maybe I wanted a new color every now and then, but I didn't want it bad enough to buy it. Also, I knew I had enough, so I couldn't justify buying more. Then I started Bum Luxury. 
Of course, as a business owner, I have to try the products. I can't sell something and claim it's all that if I don't believe it. So, I had to try some new diapers. First, I joined some swap boards. I joined the Babycenter swap board first. It didn't pull me in b/c I only clicked on the name brands I had heard of and you could only see the cute diaper pictures once you opened the thread. I was safe. 
Then, someone posted a swap board on Facebook. That's when the trouble started. There were just so many cute diapers and the pictures were posted right there! Very difficult to resist. Now, I'm a cheapo, so it was easy to say no to most diapers. I decided to buy some cheap ones-almost free except for shipping, just to see the type and quality of the diaper, and to use in my cloth diaper seminars. Then, I saw the cutest WAHM diapers ever! I had to have them! Plus, they were only $18 for two, so I splurged and I'm so glad I did. Since that first transaction, I've bought and sold a ton of diapers. It not only gets the word out about Bum Luxury, but it helps me to try diapers at great prices. If they don't work for me and Baby J, I just resell them. 
The only bad part about these groups of course is the addiction. Having it on Facebook can really take up my time. 

The positives definitely outweigh the negatives though. I've met a ton of great woman that I feel so close to, but have never met in real life. It's nice to see where other cloth families are located and how everyone has a different opinion on brands and types of diapers. Plus, there are other groups I've joined for swapping like baby clothes swaps and baby wearing swaps. Since the hubs doesn't want another child, it's a great way for me to get some good money for Baby J's used stuff. 

Plus, the money just comes through PayPal. I never see a hit to my bank account. If I don't have any PP money, I either sell something or don't buy. Luckily, I've been able to keep my account in the positive for most of my buy/sell/trade days. :)
If you're interested in swapping, check out some of these groups (in no particular order):

Cloth Diaper Swap
B/S/T Fluff and Stuff
From One Lil Hippie to Another

Baby Clothes Swap
Children's Clothing and Maternity Swap
Find it Here Maternity

I have also created a group just for the Phoenix area. It's not just for fluff or baby, but basically a Craigslist on Facebook. That way I can save money on shipping and get some of the bigger products out of my house. 

Phoenix Area Swappers

So go ahead and join a group and see what you can find or make some extra cash! We all need something these days:)

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