Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jaw Dropper

"Well, when you use disposables you only have to change the diaper four times a day."

Yes, that was a real comment from a real mom in my mom's group. 

I wasn't there, but as my friend was telling another mom about cloth, this was actually said out loud. When I heard about it, my jaw dropped. When I told my husband, his jaw dropped. First, who would do that to their child? Second, who would admit that in a group of moms?

I enjoy the playgroups Baby J and I are apart of and it's fun to interact with other adults who are like-minded. These types of comments make me wonder about these people though. 

I joined this particular group when Baby J was about six months old. Half of the people are super welcoming, the other half are very cliquish. (It's not underlined, so it appears to be a real word.) 

I try to be friendly with everyone, but this particular mom has never been super welcoming to me. In fact, she's someone that I really don't care to be around, but I try to not judge from the few times I've met her. I must say I was super annoyed when we were at a play date and her older son hit me upside the head with a toy and she didn't say anything to him. I did. I told the kid not to do that again in my teacher voice. I keep it around for occasions like this. When he kicked me as he was flipping himself on the couch, I suggested he go play somewhere else. Like closer to his mother and away from the younger babies. 

So yesterday my friend came over and was excited to tell me that a newer mom in our group was asking about cloth diapers. Of course, as the great friend she is, she chimed in and told her about Bum Luxury. Don't you love good friends?!? As they were discussing how great cloth diapers are, this other mother chimed in with the infamous quote, "Well, when you use disposables you only have to change the diaper four times a day."
Why would you have to change a diaper any less because it's not reusable? Does your child only use the restroom four times a day? Do you only use the restroom four times a day? I live in a middle class neighborhood along with the rest of the parents in my playgroup-why would you choose to keep a dirty diaper on you child? In one hand, I'm glad I wasn't there to hear her say it because I couldn't keep my mouth shut. On the other hand, I couldn't keep my mouth shut, which is exactly what everyone else did. Nobody said anything to her! Um, hello?!? I assume they were as shocked as I was when I heard this statement, but I'm surprised that no one had anything to say in response. What would you have said? I can think of a few choice words myself.
This picture is from a fellow blogger's post and she was definitely going to change the diaper.
The fact is, no matter what you choose to use to diaper your baby, they need changed just the same. If your baby goes to the bathroom, their diaper should be changed. Just because a diaper has the ability to hold in a gallon of liquid, doesn't mean it should.


  1. I highly doubt she was talking about changing a newborn only 4 times a day. I know that when my boys were first born I would go through around 10 diapers a day and as they hit a year and two years, it drops down to 4 to 6 diapers a day. When their diet is no longer purely liquid they not only urinate less frequently, but they also begin to have more scheduled bowel movements. I don't think I would be so quick to judge a single statement that you didn't even hear directly. I understand being frustrated with the logic though...but it wouldn't make me question her parenting abilities.

  2. What a face! You captured a true expression you won't see often. Stopped by from a blog hop and am now a new follower thru GFC and I also followed you on Facebook. I would really love a follow back on both of these also if you don't mind. I have a FB badge on my blog and all you have to do is click it. Thanks for the help and have a wonderful day.


  3. Wow. I would have had to say something if I was there to hear her, too. I stopped by from the SSS Blog Hop and am now following you! Have a great Sunday!

  4. Chrystal-Please consider how often you use the bathroom each day. Children go more often than adults, too. Sorry, but my baby isn't going to be sitting in her urine if she doesn't need to. Plus, as I said, this isn't the only time I've questioned her. Thanks for the feedback though:)

    Mmbear-thanks-I found the picture on Google. I wish I could take credit! I will definitely check out your blog! Thanks for the follow:)

    Carrie-Glad I'm not the only one. Thanks for reading!

  5. Shoot, when i use sposies my 3 year old gets changed more than 4 times a day! We got through about 6-8 cloth dipes a day as is! Sometimes 10!


  6. I'm sorry but my nephew is 3 and pees at least every hour. I know kids slow down peeing when they get older but they pee more than 4 times a day. That is just gross!

  7. Thanks for reading ladies. I think it's just a conscience effort to change your baby as often as you would use the restroom. It's just now noon here and I've already used the restroom four times. I feel more aware of it today because of this post:)

  8. Hi there!

    Yikes...only four times a day. Gross. And, I think when my son was a newborn I was changing him every four minutes! :)

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  9. How old is her kid? I could see a kid that's a year or older only doing 4 changes a day. I think when kids get older they do fewer pees in a day, and the ones they do are just bigger? In cloth they'd be more likely to feel the wetness is the idea, in a disposable the wetness is sucked back into the gel or something so it's not against their skin? I dunno, I'm just hesitant to judge other people's parenting. We use cloth or we use the compostable diapers, and those ones don't have the gel anyway so they need to be changed as often as cloth, so I'm no expert on disposables. If it was really an issue of health or there was really concern for the child, someone should have chimed in and said something to her. Even if it wasn't in front of the group, but in private so she could save face. Otherwise it just seems like judging for the sake of judging which isn't really helpful to her or her kid. Just my two cents =)

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  10. I understand older kids need fewer changes, but I still think 4 a day is too few. Adults use the restroom more than 4 times a day. That's all I'm saying:)

    Emily-I'll try to link up again on Sunday!

    I'll check out your page Monika:)

    Thanks for reading ladies!

  11. 4 times a day?!?! Thats GROSS!!! I swear I saw a poor baby, wearing only the diaper, in Target a few days ago and his mom must have followed that way of thinking too. I wanted to grab the baby and change him myself...he kept falling down and squish...ewww!