Friday, January 20, 2012

Cloth Choices: Wonder what wipe?

Cloth or disposable? 

Many people are avid cloth diaper users, but refuse to use cloth wipes like this mom who claimed to hate cloth wipes and now uses them regularly. 

When you first start cloth diapering, it can seem very overwhelming and intimidating. The last thing people want to worry about is their wipe situation. 
When I first began cloth diapering my newborn, I used disposable wipes. I had some baby wash cloths that I received from my baby shower that I wanted to use as cloth wipes and I also had a wipe warmer to use. Setting it up was easy, but I felt inundated already from everything else. It took me a couple weeks to get it set up-really the only thing I needed to do was clear a spot off my night stand to put my wipe warmer and plug it in. :) Such a daunting task, I know. 
Sweet Pea Cotton Flannel Wipes

When I was using the disposable wipes with the cloth, it was such a mess. I had to separate the dirty wipes from the diaper and throw them in two different places. It doesn't sound that difficult, but it's nasty when your dealing with newborn breastfed poo. It's bad enough having to touch the wipes the first time-I don't want to risk getting poo on my hands!
When I finally started my cloth wipes, it was so much easier than I ever imagined. I loved being able to put my wipes in the same place as the diapers and it actually took less wipes than disposables because the cloth has more grip and gets the bum clean faster. 

At first, I thought I needed to come up with some wipe formula, but everything I used caused irritation, so I quickly decided to just use water. Saves me money and it works great!

After doing some research, I also learned that disposable wipes have ingredients in them that can feed yeast. As someone who dealt with yeast in diapers, I don't want anything to help it grow! 

Wipes in Bulk from Amazon Price per Pkg Cost Per Wipe Total Cost**
Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Fragrance-Free, Refill, 216-Count Pack (Pack of 3) $22.17 $0.03 $218.40
Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes - 900 Count $37.58 $0.04 $291.20
Luvs Ultra Clean Wipes 8x Tub with Refills, 576-Count $18.34 $0.03 $168.36
Pampers Sensitive 3X Wipes 192 Count (Pack of 4) $26.25 $0.03 $218.40
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes, 350 count $11.89 $0.03 $218.40
Wipes from Walmart Price per Pkg Cost Per Wipe Total Cost**
Huggies - Natural Care Fragrance Free Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes Refill Box, 360 count  $13.50 $0.02 $168.36
Pampers - Sensitive Thick Care Wipes, Count 420  $13.50 $0.03 $218.40
Parent's Choice - Ultra Soft & Gentle Baby Wipes, 384ct  $7.47 $0.02 $168.36
Seventh Generation - Chlorine-Free Baby Wipes, 350 count  $11.89 $0.03 $218.40
Wipes from Babies R Us Price per Pkg Cost Per Wipe Total Cost**
Babies R Us Unscented Club Wipes 432 ct. Box $9.99 $0.02 $168.36
Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Refill Baby Wipes - 216 ct $7.39 $0.03 $218.40
Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes Refill - 192Ct $6.99 $0.04 $291.20
Seventh Generation 70 Count Chlorine Free Baby Wipe Refill $2.98 $0.04 $291.20
Wipes from Bum Luxury Price per Pkg Cost Per Wipe Total Cost
Planet Wise Flannel Wipe 10 Packs $12.99 $1.30 $38.97 for 30
Sweet Pea Cotton Flannel WIpes 8 pack $5.95 $0.74 $23.80 for 32 

**Based on 2 years of total use, estimating 10 wipes a day

I've made the chart above to compare the prices of the most popular brand of disposable wipes and basic packs of cloth wipes. Of course, people buy wipes for traveling, wipe warmers, wipe pouches, and if using cloth, wipe bits or solutions if they don't want to use just water. 

Obviously, there's a huge difference in cost from disposable to cloth. If you have more than one child or if you're child is in diapers longer than two years, the amount of money you save using cloth is even greater. 
In addition to be great for cleaning the bum, I love having cloth wipes available when at the park and out and about for washing hands and easy clean up. 

If you haven't taken the plunge to try cloth wipes, what are you waiting for?

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  1. I honestly hadn't considered cloth wipes at first because people bought us disposables. A friend made me some as a gift and I actually went to the dollar store and bought 3 3-packs of their microfiber wash cloths. I just cut them in half to complete the rest of my stash for wipes =)