Friday, January 27, 2012

Diaper Dilemmas: Pooped out PUL

Do you ever wonder what to do with your diapers that have PUL(Polyurethane Laminate) that is no longer waterproof and is out of warranty? When the PUL has started to delaminate and has a hole in it, the diaper cover or pocket is no longer going to work as a diaper! I hate throwing things away, so I love coming up with useful ways to reuse items in my house that would serve a purpose.
You can see the PUL is beginning to separate from the fabric. The diaper is still waterproof at this point.

Doll Diapers
Recently, Baby J has been wanting to put diapers on her stuffed animals-mainly a Tickle Me Elmo that she loves carrying around and snuggling. He's about the size of a newborn, so some of the diapers I have put on him are a bit bulky. However, they are usually a pocket already stuffed with an insert, fresh from Baby J's stash. Using just the outside of a pocket or a cover works great for dolls or stuffed animals. Kids love picking out diapers to put on their toys!

Swim Diapers
When swimming, babies need to wear diapers to hold in solids. Swim diapers, whether disposable or cloth, do not hold in liquids. If you have a diaper with delaminating PUL, it can still work as a swim diaper because it will hold in the poop! I have used many of Baby J's cloth diapers as swim diapers in the past because they fit better than the reusable ones I bought last summer!
This diaper was actually stuffed w/ an insert, but it still served it's purpose. We weren't planning on getting wet, but Baby J couldn't resist the water area!

Calling All Crafters!

Repurpose it!
You could make yourself some mama cloth from the PUL that is still in tact. If you aren't familiar with mama cloth, they are reusable menstrual pads for when your dreaded Aunt Flo comes to town. They are becoming more and more popular as are cloth diapers. Try it out and make yourself something new!

Create a Pattern
Have you always wanted to try making your own cloth diapers? Take a diaper that no longer works and remove the elastic. Use the cover to make a pattern so you can take a stab at making your own diapers!

Donate it
There are many programs out there that take cloth diapers and give them to families in need. If you can find an organization near you, ask someone there if they take diapers that need work. Some places do or they might be crafty themselves and can create a new product from it.

Try to fix it
As a last resort, I have heard people who have tried to fix PUL. I haven't tried this and am not sure I would recommend it, but want to give you the options available.

Some people have said that they have taken an iron to their diaper to fuse the PUL back together. Seems risky, but if your diaper is already ruined, what harm can it do? (If you know, please share in the comments!) 

Lastly, there is a spray that some people use to try to make the PUL in their diapers waterproof again. I don't think there is a specific product made just for diapers, so I worry that what people spray could be harmful to their baby's bum. When researching (really just Googling) I couldn't find any specific product, but I know it has been recommended many times on various CD forums. 

What do you do when your PUL delaminates?

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  1. I was hoping you had a better answer that would fix our diapers, but the swim dipe idea is great one that I just mentioned to my husband. We have a small stash and as a result, every diaper gets washed almost once per day. I don't really mind an excuse to buy new diapers (although my budget begs to differ) but I too hate hate HATE the idea of tossing things out, especially things that are so CUTE.

    1. Sorry I couldn't help you with your PUL!

      Have you asked the manufacturer if they are still under warranty?

      Also, my motto is "The larger your stash, the longer they last."

      I know it's not always economical to have a huge stash of diapers, but anything that is washed on a daily basis is going to wear out faster than something washed once or twice a week. :)

      Good luck!! Thanks for reading!

  2. Janine, have you considered looking into the cloth diaper groups that donate to families who need them? Just a few would help out I bet. I've asked on freecycle, seen people ask on craigslist, and you can always try listia (sort of like ebay, but no money exchanged).

    I'm asking CD moms to check out my post on my dream diaper and leave their description of their dream diapers, I'd love it if bum luxury and anyone else cared to join.