Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Website Woes: Social Media and SEO

When I first began Bum Luxury, I was pretty clueless when it comes to websites-hosts, domains, SEO, HTML, ecommerce, etc. Trying to figure out what I was doing was like reading a manual in a foreign language. Ten months later and I'm still learning, but fortunately have figured a few things out along the way. 

As an e-commerce site, a website where customers can buy merchandise, I need to make sure customers can find me. It's not like everyone is going to know that a new website, www.bumluxury.com, was created and come flocking to it overnight. I wish it were that easy. 

Because the market is saturated with cloth diaper companies, I have to create a unique SEO, or search engine optimization, for my page to get customers to find me. It took awhile just to get my website to pop up on the first page when I searched for Bum Luxury in Google. I still have a long ways to go to get to page one when you type in cloth diapers or any of the brands I carry.

Since I'm just starting out and have limited funds, I am doing much of the work on my own. One reason I started this blog was to help with my SEO. The more I have a presence on the web, the higher my SEO becomes. Creating unique blog posts to help consumers learn about and understand best practices when it comes to using cloth helps the internet realize that my site is relevant when people search for cloth diapers. 

One of the biggest social media outlets of course is Facebook. Search engine optimization is becoming more and more intricate and taking into account a businesses online presence, not just on their particular website, but on social media sites as well. Now, I can't be on every site and interact with everyone, so I am using Facebook as my top social media site for now. Luckily, it links easily to Twitter, so I have killed two birds with one stone. My blog automatically posts to Facebook using Networked Blogs, so that saves me time as well.

When you first create a page on Facebook, the only fan is you. Bummer. It takes time and energy to gain fans and keep them. Search engine optimization and Facebook work together and build your business. By increasing your fan base, you increase your SEO. The more fans you have, the higher number of people will see your posts, interact with your page, share your content, and hopefully become fans themselves. 

This article shows the various social media users and where businesses should focus their energy. Would you be surprised to know that most consumers prefer Facebook? If so, I would guess you're not a big social media user and therefore, would be very surprised if you were reading this blog!

The internet is genius when helping businesses track and analyze their customer base. I can find how and where people came to my page from, what they are looking at, if they shared my posts, etc. from analytics and insights. It's fantastic! I use this information to learn where my focus should be and to hopefully increase my customer base. 

I don't think that figuring out the internet will be an easier as years progress, but I hope that I can learn as I go-like my own kind of on the job training! 

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