Friday, November 4, 2011

1st Friday Fluff: Best Bottom Diapers

Another month has gone by and I'm ready to share with you another of my favorite diapers!

Since we discussed a pocket diaper last month, this month we are going to talk about an All in Two (AI2.) An AI2 is a diaper that is two separate pieces that you snap together. First, there is an outer shell that is the waterproof layer. Next, you have an insert that you snap into the shell that goes directly next to baby's skin. The AI2 is usually cheaper than All in Ones (AIOs) and pockets. The great thing about an AI2 is that you can reuse the cover multiple times throughout the day and just change the insert.

Best Bottom Diapers are an awesome choice for an AI2! They are made in the USA which is an important factor in choosing the diapers I stock at Bum Luxury. Best Bottoms also have many choices for families to find what works best for them.

First, you can choose between closures on your shell: hook and loop (AKA velcro or aplix) or snaps. Personally, I prefer snaps. I always forget to close the velcro on the laundry tabs before putting them in the pail and that causes it to stick to other things in my wash. Not good. However, velcro is easier to put on babies who are especially wiggly and usually grandparents, husbands and child care providers prefer it.

Hook and Loop closure
Snap Closure
Your next option is colors. Best Bottom has a variety of colors and prints to choose from for boys and girls. I love how their color names are ice cream flavors like Moo-licious and Cookies and Cream.
After you pick your shell you will need to get inserts for your diaper to have absorbency. Because the Best Bottom Shell is a one size cover, there are three sizes to choose from when it comes to inserts: small, medium, and large. 

This simple guide helps you pick the right size insert for your child: 

Small: birth-14lbs, Medium: 11-22lbs, Large: 16-35lbs

The inserts are color coded so when you have multiple children in diapers, it's easy to spot the right size.

Small has green, medium has white, and large inserts have blue stitching around the edges for an easy way to pick sizes.
Best Bottom now has five insert choices to choose from: stay dry, hemp/organic cotton, overnight, overnight hemp and a micro doubler. Wow! I know it can sound confusing, so let's see what our options are all about.

First, you have a stay dry insert. This insert is the most economical. It is made up of four layers of microfiber and topped w/ a stay dry fleece that goes against baby's skin. This option is great for everyday daytime use.

Next, you can choose a hemp/organic cotton insert. This insert is more absorbent than the stay dry and will have a trimmer fit. 
Hemp inserts will shrink a bit when first washed. This is normal and will fit in the shell correctly.
 Your overnight insert is just that-made for wearing overnight. The overnight insert is made to work with a stay dry or hemp insert snapped on top. The overnight insert is made of only microfiber, and you don't want that to stay against baby's skin. 

In the last month, Best Bottoms has come out with two new choices in their inserts. 

First, you have the overnight hemp. Again, hemp is more absorbent than microfiber and you wouldn't have to use an extra topper. This way, the diaper is trimmer and baby isn't going to bed with a huge bubble butt!

Lastly, Best Bottoms has a doubler option. When you want just a little extra protection from leaks, you can add this to your diaper along with your insert of choice snapped on top. 

Double leg gussets for extra leak protection
I began using Best Bottom diapers after Baby J turned one, so unfortunately, I am not sure how they fit on newborns. I will have information for you when my new tester comes along in April. No, I'm not expecting, but my friend Twinkle is and I will be happy to change diapers for her to get an idea of the best fit on little babies!
Good fit-these are not snapped down at all. The way the Best Bottoms sit is like underwear.
We started with the large inserts because Baby J was right around 18lbs. at the time. She is now almost 25lbs. 

View from the back-the diaper sits up higher, but I can adjust that to make it lower and higher in the front. They fit her well like this, so it doesn't bother me. Plus, at 16 months, it's a PITA trying to get this girl to sit still for anything.
I love the way the BB diapers fit Baby J and I love even more how they never leak. I haven't had one issue with them and they are now my favorite overnight solution. I don't have to worry about super stuffing a pocket-it's so much easier to just snap two inserts into a shell. 

View from the front. This is her 'after lunch' belly. The front of the BB has an elastic waist so that there isn't gapping; therefore, no leakage. :)
I am not usually a fan of AI2s because many companies make the insert to narrow and they bunch up in the cracks and crevices. That can't be comfortable for baby. The Best Bottom inserts are nice and wide so there is no bunching up. Plus the snaps on the front and back keep the insert where it's supposed to be. 

Most people buy 3 inserts per shell, so you can have 3 diapers for as low as $28.80, which makes the diaper $9.60 a piece. 

When I decided to try it out, I got one type of each insert-the doubler and hemp overnight were not out yet. I prefer the stay dry to the hemp because I line dry and that makes the hemp hard and stiff and I don't like putting that against Baby J's bottom. When I do put hemp in the dryer, it comes out super soft, so if you don't line dry, I would recommend the hemp. 

Now enter to win a Best Bottom Shell and stay dry insert!


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