Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meet Me on Monday Week 19


1. Are you excited for the holidays or are you dreading them?
I'm excited. This is such a fun time of year to eat, drink and be merry. I love finding new recipes to try and eating the deliciousness. Plus, I love giving presents and making people happy. 
These Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes were my first new dessert of the season. Try them-they are to die for! On

2. Do you hit the snooze button or get right up?
I can't hit the snooze button-that would be considered child abuse. ;)

3. Do you still have your tonsils? 

4. What was the last piece of candy that you ate?
Twix mini-this stash of Halloween candy is expanding my waist at an alarming rate. 
Twix was my favorite candy bar growing up. Now I love Snickers. It's probably because of their most scrumptious ice cream bars!

5. Do you shop at thrift stores?
Yes! I am all about saving some money and getting a good deal! 
My favorite place to get books!


  1. My alarm is the pets, now that my child is a teen!!!

    Mom on Caffeine

  2. Now that the kids are gone...I snooze!

  3. I'm DEFINITELY checking out the recipe for those cakes! YUM!

    I usually get up early and the cats stay in bed with my husband! LOL

  4. I love all of your answers and the cute pics!!! Even though I'm dreading the holidays, I do LOVE making Christmas Cookies!!

  5. Those pumpkin ginger cupcakes look amazing!

  6. Thanks for reading!! I wish I didn't have an alarm clock anymore!

    The cupcakes are delicious! I hope you all try them and share with friends.