Friday, November 11, 2011

Honoring our Heroes

I was never in the military myself, but I have great appreciation for the men and women brave enough to serve our country. 

I grew up with my aunt who was a marine. By the time I lived with her, she was not enlisted, but her habits she learned while serving stuck with her and were passed down to us. Every Saturday morning my brothers and I had to, "report for duty," and were assigned our chores for the day. I hated that. I still cringe every time I think about it. (We had to say we were reporting-I love my aunt and all, but that's kind of weird!) When we were done with whatever assignment we had, we were to report back. That, a spick and span house, and hospital corners on all of our beds were a part of life. Most of them still are...the spick and span house has lacked a little since I've left home.

Before we were married, my husband, Lee, was in the US Air Force. He enlisted for the education, following in his dad's footsteps. He always wanted to be an air traffic controller, and he got on the job training and a free education with the military. He still has his GI Bill to use when he wants to take more classes, too. While he did his thing, I worked on base for two years while putting myself through college. I loved the family environment in the military and even though you were far from home, you always felt like you were there. 

Once Lee had served his four years, he pursued his career with the FAA. He was still in the inactive reserves for four years, but that has long passed. (Lee did want to stay in the reserves, however there is not a job for him as a controller and he would have had to leave and go to tech school for a different career.)  There are so many things we miss about military life. It is such a close knit group of people-even though there are thousands who serve.

One thing that we always loved was a military discount. No matter where we would go, we would ask if the place had one-movies, department stores, special events, etc. I would guess 7/10 places would offer a discount and 6 out of those 7 didn't advertise it. As the frugal person I am, I always asked! Lee was the one who would want to go to Golden Corral on Veteran's Day because it was free-along with the rest of the base!

Now that I own Bum Luxury, I want to make sure I honor the people who have served our country and give them a discount. That's why Bum Luxury offers a 10% discount and free shipping to all of our veterans every day of the year. 

Happy Veteran's Day!

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