Thursday, December 29, 2011

1000 Facebook Fan Giveaway: Cloth and Accessories from WAHMS 2

Here are two more great sponsors from Bum Luxury's 1000 Facebook Fan Giveaway. Both are cloth diaper users and own businesses that are CD related. Check out these awesome WAHMs!

Black Hollow Soaps and Scents

I am a WAHM mother of three. I provide daycare during the day, and make soap by night! I saw the success of many other WAHMs, and wondered if I could turn the soap I was making for my family into a business. So far, so good! There are so many harsh ingredients in body care products out there, and I am just happy to be able to provide a safe alternative!

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Pinkie Lee & Fleurs de Lis

My name is Jessica Ripley & I'm a full time mommy to 2 beautiful daughters. I gave up my desk job to become a SAHM in 2009 & began sewing when I found out that I was pregnant again in 2010. I began with Prefold Burp Cloths for a friend, and that led to sewing cloth diapers, which led to soakers. I used to call my eldest daughter Pinkie Lee (from the movie Grease, where Rizzo throws the milkshake at Kenickie "to you, from me, Pinkie Lee!") and I'm very into Fleurs de Lis, so when I started my business it just came naturally. I love sewing baby items and put a lot of thought and love into everything that I make. I am a huge advocate for infertility, having suffered through it for several years before 'giving up', and then being blessed with 2 miracles

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