Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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These days, more women are starting to work from home and many adult planning parties have come into the picture. People are more open about their bedroom behavior and want to make sure both their partner and themselves are satisfied. These ladies are here to help!

Passion Parties by Dawne

I became a Passion Party consultant because I believe in empowering women!  We believe romance starts long before the lights go out and therefore we have a full line of products from the bathroom, to spa and massage to the bedroom.  Our spa products are paraben-free (most are all natural and aloe vera based) and our bedroom accessories are phalate-free (the chemicals used to produce plastics that are linked to cancer.)  

I make 40% of all sales and help women help themselves and their relationships.  I make my own hours and everyday when I go to work, I end up at a party!  Its a great way to form relationships with women and have fun!

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Pure Romance by Danie

I'm Danielle, 28 year old single mother of two, licensed cosmetologist and a Pure Romance Consultant. I decided to become a consultant because I enjoyed these parties myself. They're fun and a great way to have a girls night in! I also love the products. Since I'm currently in the process of opening a salon, I'm working towards using Pure Romance for my salon rent. Pure Romance is a great company geared towards educating women on sexual health and I'd love to be able to pass that on to all women!

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Slumber Parties by Kimberly

 I am a stay at home mom of two fabulous little ones. My daughter is 7 and my son is 6. I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but the finances were saying otherwise. So I looked into doing at home parties. I was introduced to Slumber Parties by a fellow stay at home mom online.

At first I thought there is no way I could do this, I am the shyest girl on the planet. I started to find out more info like how good the money was, how in demand the parties were and how amazing the training was, so I decided to give it a shot.
That was Jan 2008. I have never looked back, and I have gained so much more than an awesome paycheck! Something amazing happens to you as a women when you are standing there in front of other women helping them to be more confident, put some spark in their relationships, maybe even save a marriage that I don't think happens with other party plans. My self esteem and confidence have grown leaps and bounds, my positivity and outlook on life has never been better, plus any product research is a BIG bonus! ;) I really enjoy helping women, whatever their situation may be to lift themselves up to a higher level, whether it be confidence, sexual satisfaction, or extra money to help with their finances. It's been rewarding beyond measure, and it has changed me forever!

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