Saturday, December 10, 2011

Very Merry Deals at Vistaprint!

As a business owner, I need multiple items printed for Bum Luxury. My first business purchase from Vistapint was 1000 business cards earlier this year. I didn't originally plan to purchase that many, but they pulled me in with their amazing deals. When I got my cards though, my logo wasn't on them. I could swear that I put the logo on the back, but it was not there. I now just write messages on the back so it has all worked out, but I was a bit sad when my logo was missing. 

I decided to try them again when I realized I needed handouts for all the events I was doing this fall and winter. I created a brochure to pass out for people to easily see at a glance what the pros are to cloth diapering, the types of diapers and what Bum Luxury offers. It was simple to upload my image to Vistaprint and my brochure was created. I got 25 for free and when they arrived I loved the glossy paper! Actually I paid $10 for these  because it's a $4.99 fee to upload a design and I uploaded two-one front and one back. I figured that was okay though since the regular price for these is $39.99 for 25.  I also love that the brochures come folded. Some places I've researched make you pay extra for folding. I am cheap and would rather do it myself!

Vistaprint offered free shipping if I spent $50 or more, so I then decided to add more to my cart. I decided to try 50 rack cards, 25 flyers, 100 post cards, 100 handouts, 1 Tshirt, 2 tote bags, 1 pen, address labels and some product stickers. I think that's everything. I spent just over $50-just so I could get free shipping. All these items were actually free, but I paid to upload my logo to them. I was more than happy when my order arrived in less than a week! The tote bags are sturdy and hold a ton! All my print handouts go with me to each show in them. I have only worn the shirt once so far and my logo looks very professional on it. 

I was running out of brochures, so just last week I made another purchase. I just couldn't pass up their Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals! I got 25 more brochures for free, 100% free since I didn't have to pay to upload my logo! I then needed to purchase lawn signs because I'm hosting an event on Sunday and I will be posting them around the neighborhood to point people in the right direction. The smalls were free and the mediums were $5. Love them! Vistaprint has 100's of designs to choose from so I picked 4 different holiday related designs to use.

I also ordered 250 postcards free and then paid $10 for 250 more to advertise my event. I thought about paying for the mailing list and having Vistaprint mail them for me, but then decided to pass. The price for the postage alone is what made me rethink it. Yesterday as I went around spamming the parking lots of local businesses and putting them on cars, I realized it was probably worth the money! At least I got some exercise! 

After many months of waiting, I finally ordered a banner for my event booths. I had received my logo on a disk about a week before my recent move and was waiting to use the larger file size for my banner as my current size said it might be grainy. Unfortunately, after waiting all this time, the file was too large and I couldn't use it anyway! I still need to figure out how to resize it. I ended up trying the photo I already have since the banner was free and am so happy I did. The banner is a great size for my table and very sturdy. I ordered the banner holders, but when my package arrived, it came with some. Now I have a spare in case anything happens to them! 

With my last order, I also got free address labels for the holidays. It was something Vistaprint offered at the last minute. Why not? They're free and I need some new ones since I just moved! Perfect! 

Again, Vistaprint offered free shipping after $50 so I spent $56 and received so much more! I could not be happier with the service I have gotten. The prices are unbeatable-I've checked! 

For a small business owner, Vistaprint is an amazing resource to have for all of your printing needs. 

Click here to try out Vistaprint for yourself!


  1. It's also a great way to do weddings, showers, thank yous, and gift ideas for grandparents =)

  2. So true Kaitlin! There are many great options for personal use!

    Thanks for reading!